On-line sales of electrical


Ucomp.cz - Servis počítačů, prodej HW

We provide repair PC and laptops with any additional services such as data backup, operating system reinstallation, replacement of the hardware and cleaning.

Prstná 144, Petrovice u Karviné

Lucky Travel

We install satellite technology.

F.S.Tumy 1201, Orlová-Lutyně


Online store a wide range of goods on shelves of computer equipment, audio-visual, mobile phones, photo, white goods, GPS, toys, cosmetics, perfumes, watches, jewelry, health products. Transport across the CR, hire purchase, consultancy.

U Pošty 375/2, Havířov

CSKA Karviná, spol. s r.o. - e-shop

On-line sales of computer equipment. Offer branded components, notebooks and peripherals.

Čapkova 1517/23, Karviná

LAMA Plus, s.r.o. - e-shop (výdejní místo)

The largest specialized distributor of consumables and accessories in the Republic sells tens of millions of pieces of goods which are purchased in large quantities - but sometimes it happens that sell the entire stock of. Here you can buy the goods at discounted, job lot price!

Svatopluka Čecha 706/8, Karviná


WE widest range of Satellite sets.

Janského 553/9b, Karviná

Fotocentrum Bura, s.r.o. - e-shop

Online sales of cameras, cameras, telescopes, microscopes and instruments for measuring weather.

Kosmonautů 837/70, Karviná

Rodnex, s.r.o. - e-shop (výdejní místo)

Internet sales of white goods, audiovisual equipment, and satellite set-top boxes.

V Aleji 475/1, Karviná

Rodnex, s.r.o. - e-shop (výdejní místo)

On-line sales of white goods, audio-visual equipment, satellite and set-top boxes.

V Aleji 475/1, Karviná

Počítače Orlová, s.r.o. - e-shop

Internet sales of computer equipment, laptops, PCs, accessories and disposable komponent.Nabídka services in computer technology.

Kpt. Jaroše 794, Orlová

Boris Otevřel - e - shop

On-line sales of computer equipment.

Lutyně , Orlová

Jiří Sikora-DUO - e-shop (výdejní místo)

Internet sales of products from Sony.

Masarykova třída 944, Orlová

Jiří Sikora-DUO - e-shop (výdejní místo)

Online sales of electrical appliances.

Masarykova třída 945, Orlová

GV Tera Group, s.r.o. - e-shop (výdejní místo)

On-line sales of computer equipment, components, gaming consoles, office equipment and supplies.

Nejedlého 1384, Petřvald

Zbyněk Baránek - e-shop

We offer refurbished toners, cartridges for most of us used in printers and copiers. Furthermore, in our assortment compatible cartridges for Canon copiers and Minolta.

Družstevní 917, Petřvald


Specialist in sound technology.

Na Novém poli 381/5, Karviná

Computers studio, s.r.o. - e-shop (výdejní místo)

On-line sales of computer equipment and accessories.

Masarykovo nám. 18/9, Karviná

Zelmer Bohemia, s.r.o. - e-shop

Zelmer United Ltd. (formerly Zelmer Bohemia, Ltd.) operating in the Czech Republic since the spring of 1996 as the exclusive importer of home appliances brand Zelmer - floor cleaners and kitchen appliances.

Horní Těrlicko 770, Těrlicko

Bohumil Veselý - VES - e-shop

On-line sales of remote controls.

Těšínská 204, Albrechtice

Gigatech.CZ, s.r.o. - e-shop

Internet sales of computers and other computing components.

Štefánikova 818, Bohumín

Jan Waleczek - e-shop (výdejní místo)

Online shop dedicated to the sale of computer games, PDA accessories, computer components and software.

Kysucká 1829/14, Český Těšín

Ing. Josef Podešva - Simpo - e-shop

On-line sales of computer and office equipment, consumer electronics.

Jablunkovská 1206, Český Těšín

Petr Portík - e-shop


Polní 1786/26, Český Těšín

PROMOR, s.r.o. - e-shop

Online sales of electrical and hromosvodového material.

Na Horkách 2019, Český Těšín

Petr Stredanský - e-shop (výdejní místo)

On-line sales of small household appliances, MP3 and CD players. Offer projectors, GPS, TVs, home cinemas and DVD recorders.

Karvinská 413/59, Český Těšín

ČES - comp., s.r.o. - e-shop

Internet sales of computers, printers and telephones.

Tovární 289/19, Český Těšín

Daniel Kříž - e-shop (výdejní místo)

Internet sales of tuning components for Computing Machinery. Accessories for iPhone, PDAs, mobile phones.

Kysucká 1829/14, Český Těšín

Roman Sikora - Elektro

Offer from electrical appliances to LCD, plasma televisions, blenders, washing machines, refrigerators. Different brands such as Panasonic, LG, Philips, Samsung, AEG, Bosh. All goods can be viewed on the stone store. Retail sales of DVD, MP3 to flashlights.

Hlavní třída 138/7, Český Těšín

Kamil Hartmann - e-shop

Our core business is sales and complete service both new and refurbished computers and outlet, complete accessories, cheap computers and GPS navigation. We also...

Dětmarovice 279, Dětmarovice

Roman Volák - e-shop

As a seller of electronics and white goods are on the market since 1990 and is a guarantee of serious debate since 1999, working stone business house with 800 m2 of sales area and a team of qualified professionals who are able and willing will always give advice and help.

Dětmarovice 25, Dětmarovice

Naplňto, s.r.o. - e-shop

Cartridges, toners, inks, renovations.

Dělnická 769/64, Havířov

Otmar Humplík - e-shop (výdejní místo)

On-line sales of computer and office equipment, server components, software and accessories.

Mánesova 551/17, Český Těšín

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