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Čemat trading, spol. s r.o.

We offer facilities for handling and construction equipment, forklifts. Sell tires Solideal and Marangoni, rubber tracks, auxiliary equipment and lift tables Bolzoni-Auramo, Cascade type fork, wheels and pulleys, Rader Vogel seats.

Čs. armády 196, Bohumín

Michal Veselý - MM sound

Offer anti-radar devices and radar detectors. Solutions from the Internet Website of the connection.

Divišova 2824/18, Karviná-Hranice

Michal Veselý - MM sound (Branch Alpinus a Campus)

Divišova 2824, Alpinus a Campus

Zuzana Szebestová

Implementing a comprehensive cleaning of households and firms.

Rychvald 1117, Rychvald


Windscreen and car service - we offer spare parts for cars, we change the windscreens of free insurance, automotive glass tinting. Tire service - selling tires, including servicing and repairs. We also perform repairs and performance car air and vehicle geometry.

Za Splavem 885/1a, Karviná


We offer a wide range of services to the motoring public. Our service includes all work (mechanical, bodywork, painting, ...). We build for you a true center services for motorists.

Svatopluka Čecha 640/27, Fryštát

NAM system, a.s.

We offer the ONI system - tracking, monitoring and surveillance vehicles, combined GPS, GPRS and radio searches for stolen vehicles, electronic log book, GPS navigation vehicles, easy access to services via the Internet.

Petra Cingra 840, Orlová

AB Autoboss, s.r.o.

Complex activity (according to ISO standards) for TATRA trucks. We sell new and used vehicles, leasing, selling a complete range of spare parts, customer service, including overhaul of vehicles and various groups and subgroups.

Dukelská 298/13, Český Těšín


Sales of new and used spare parts Škoda Felicia, Fabia, Roomster, Octavia I - II and Superb. We also offer parts for Volkswagny: Golf III - IV - V, Passat, Pol...

Mlýnská 745, Bohumín

HURT - Zdislav Taňcula

Forklifts Balcancar companies, Linde, BT, Clark - provide sales, service, technical control VZV and delivery of spare parts, auxiliary equipment forklift, the forklift licenses. Tyres - TRELLEBORG representation of the CR to all types of forklift.

U Jiřinky 880, Dolní Lutyně

Camion, spol. s r.o.

Manufacture and repair of tarpaulins including supporting structures and printing on all types of vehicles, trailers and semitrailers. Making banners, employment and trade tents, party tents, awnings, sheds and nafukovadel.

Černá cesta 933/5, Horní Suchá

Vladislav Toman

Offer a car battery.

Na Horkách 2019, Český Těšín

Miroslav Puna - Slovnaft

Operation of pumping stations.

Karvinská 1971, Český Těšín

Jan Konečný

Offers and services for bikers.

Masarykovy sady 51/27, Český Těšín

Tomáš Hrnčárek

We buy and sell cars. We provide service and towing services.

Frýdecká 78, Český Těšín


We offer sales and service of car Seat. We provide leasing.

Frýdecká 12, Český Těšín

Břetislav Nevlud

Used-car operation.

Před Tratí , Havířov

Tomáš Weber

Used-car operation.

Petrovice u Karviné 361, Petrovice u Karviné

Michaela Smiechová

Sales of used cars.

Dolní Marklovice 201, Petrovice u Karviné

Jan Ligus

Sale of car accessories. Tire service, tire sales and discs.

K Hájence 1101, Dolní Lutyně

Miroslav Lukáš - Luke

Offer Akuma and Exide battery.

Dětmarovice 1072, Dětmarovice


Services and products for motorcyclists.

Kpt. Jaroše 1031/27a, Český Těšín

Sunny, spol. s r.o.

Sales of electronic system MTC.

Smetanova 1199/20, Český Těšín

Autosklo Alfa, s.r.o.

Offer windshields and toning.

Tovární 1949/11, Český Těšín(areál M-9)

Jan Lastomírský - Marta Tour plus Bohumín

Offer autozabezpečení.

Slezská 440, Bohumín-Starý Bohumín

Jan Lubojacki

Sale of reconditioned tires and metal discs.

Fibichova 897, Bohumín-Nový Bohumín

Petr Škuta - Transeurope

Operation of pumping stations.

Ostravská 204, Bohumín-Starý Bohumín

Jiří Pudich - Moto Puzzle

Operation motobazaru.

Bohumín-Šunychl 1, Bohumín

Pavlína Bernatíková

Sales of spare parts.

Čáslavská 1088, Bohumín

Čemat trading, spol. s r.o.

Sales of all-metal catalysts, flexible couplings exhaust bellows, sparks and soot traps and filters.

Čs. armády 196, Bohumín

Adam Urbaňski

Buying, selling and buying used cars and car parts.

Seifertova 584, Bohumín

Marie Horová - M-H-M

Sell spare parts for automobiles.

1. máje 198, Bohumín

Autocentrum Zmuda, spol. s r.o.

Second Hand trucks.

1. máje 422, Bohumín-Skřečoň

Pavel Konetzný

Offer tires and work clothes.

Tovární 429, Bohumín-Záblatí

Ing. Jan Kotrla - autosoučásti

We are selling car accessories and parts, spare parts for motorcycles Babeta, Pioneer and MpKorado. We have extended our offer to sell scooters MpKorado which provide warranty service.

U Mlékárny 1909/14, Český Těšín

PB CAR, spol. s r.o.

We offer the sale of spare parts and car accessories.

Frýdecká 2037/78, Český Těšín

Vop Group, s.r.o.

Manufacture of furniture, the sale of consumer electronics and white and services for motorists.

Lípová 1128, Český Těšín

Vladislav Luka

Services in the field of tire and auto service. The offer needs for car painting shops.

Pod Zvonek 744, Český Těšín


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