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Okna - Doležal, spol. s r.o.

Production, sale and assembly of plastic and aluminum windows and doors, garage doors (rolling, folding and sectional industrial). Sales techniques retina. Services related to the products offered - the assembly, disassembly, bricklaying and service.

Podlesní 1827, Petřvald

Andrzej Kostempski

Sales and installation of plastic and aluminum windows, exterior and interior doors and aluminum construction. Offer interior and exterior doors, shutters, blinds and parapatů, networking and door.

U Centrumu 751, Orlová

Podlahy Morava

Selling and laying of laminate and wood floating floors and the sale and installation of door frames and doors. Free survey, quotation, sample swatch floors and professional advice.

Dětmarovice 1193, Dětmarovice

ONDex, s.r.o.

Sales joinery timber, planks and laminate floating floors and massive, OSB, eurohranolů, outdoor wooden terraces, fence boards ,.....

Ostravská 457, Petřvald

ORIKO, s.r.o.

Service security agency.

Výstavní 17/113, Ostrava-Vítkovice

SWAT-CZ s.r.o.

We are dedicated to the manufacture and installation of blinds, insect screens for retail and wholesale, montážím garage doors, retractable awnings, exterior shutters, interior roletek etc.

U Bažantnice 1759/17, Karviná

Novoferm ČR, s.r.o.

Novoferm company manufactures and supplies worldwide a complete range of panels for building openings. 7abýváme sale hinged and garage doors, steel and timber...

Petrovice u Karviné 570, Petrovice u Karviné

Avalon PRO

Delivery, installation openings FAKRO (lamellated wood, painted, security glazing TERM TERMO PLUS TERMO LUX, vent valve, plating of aluminum - aluminum) doors, attic foil.

Smetanova 1908/9, Český Těšín

Silexim, s.r.o.

Sales and installation of a comprehensive range from building components such as roofing materials, windows and doors in various designs. System solutions for construction and assembly technologies and services.

Dětmarovice 1187, Dětmarovice

Gascontrol plast, a.s.

Manufacture of plastic pressure pipe systems for gas, sewer and water pipes. Wholesale.

Dělnická 883/46, Havířov

Milan Kupka

We offer professional services in roofing and plumbing. Perform the laying systems Bramac, Tondach, Lindab (shingles customer) and installation of Velux roof windows, complete guttering systems and air conditioning.

Ostravská 158, Český Těšín

Panther Service, s.r.o.

We are a private trading company that mainly deals in import and sale of materials for construction and reconstruction of houses and flats.

Na Kopci 283/1, Havířov

Garsys, s.r.o.

Production pools, sales of accessories, spare parts and swimming pool chemicals.

Strojnická 373, Český Těšín

Lech Gattnar

Sales and installation of plastic, wood and aluminum windows and doors. Wide range of accessories.

tř. 17. listopadu 23/2, Karviná

Pavel Remeník - Euromont

Production, sale and installation of horizontal and vertical blinds, textile roletek, awnings, insect screens. company also carries out balcony glazing.

Lešetínská 1873, Karviná

VIPOL STAVBY, spol. s r.o.

Sale of plastic windows, doors, garage doors, including accessories and components associated with these products

Petrovice u Karviné 141, Petrovice u Karviné

Ing. Ivo Swaczyna - Interstyl

Sales and installation of shielding techniques, film and insect protective film.

Slovenská 2894/32, Karviná

Ing. Daniel Majer - Damass

Sell construction materials and equipment, consignment sale of used and zánovního material for construction.

Lesní 1914/3, Karviná-Mizerov

Jiří Papuga

Sales of building and warming materials, insulation, waterproofing, paving, brick systems Citherm, Porotherm, SUPERTHERM. Offer sewer systems.

Těrlicko-Horní Těrlicko 702, Těrlicko

Ing. Miloš Křemének

Sell building materials and building materials.

Na Kopci 283/1, Havířov-Dolní Suchá

SARO 2RR, s.r.o.

We offer directly from a manufacturer of high quality complete solution for your fencing land, building, sports grounds, halls, buildings and gardens from the mesh, wires, through the gate posts and gates.

Úzká 1232/1a, Havířov

Ing. Jaromír Žvak

Offer sanitary wares and accessories for bathrooms and toilets.

Těrlicko-Horní Těrlicko 280, Těrlicko

Podlahové studio, s.r.o.

Offer flooring.

Ostravská 108, Český Těšín

Miroslav Bubík

Manufacture and supply of blind systems for new and existing buildings. Offer awnings, insect screens and shading of conservatories.

Ostravská 1, Český Těšín

Interier Czech, s.r.o.

Sales and installation of plastic windows and doors, garage and industrial doors. Offer alterations.

Studentská 641, Bohumín

Vítězslav Kucharčík - Viktor

Sales of floor coverings and household textiles.

Kostelní 404, Bohumín


Sale of tissue, slinging and tension wire, posts, fence posts, plastic profiles. E-commerce.

Štefánikova 818, Bohumín

YAWAL CS, s.r.o.

Offer aluminum components for the manufacture of windows, doors, shop windows, glass facades and portals.

Masarykovy sady 76/18, Český Těšín

Radek Jančík - Eurostrip

Sales and installation of blinds and accessories, insulation and double glazing folding door.

Godulská 107, Český Těšín

Euro Byt, spol. s r.o.

Wide selection of blinds.

Hřbitovní 1148/37, Český Těšín

Jan Kidoň

The company carries out the reconstruction, designing gardens, pergolas, grills and pools, designing new buildings. Also offers sales and installation of plastic windows.

Akátová 639/16, Český Těšín

BRING, s.r.o.

Offer components for blinds.

Lípová 1987, Český Těšín

Artinex CZ, s.r.o.

Sales and installation of swimming pool VISION, which is composed of aluminum and plastic profiles.

Hlavní třída 2020/28, Český Těšín

Podlahové centrum, s.r.o.

Wide range of floor coverings and accessories.

Protifašistických bojovníků 1269/1, Český Těšín


Offer construction material.

Tovární 1007/103, Český Těšín

Štěpán Štefka - Kaimpex

Sales of building materials, plaster and paint tinting and sell plasterboard, mortar mixes and building tools.

Frýdecká 1356/48, Český Těšín

Stanislav Tesarczyk

Building and metallurgical materials.

Viaduktová 57/8, Český Těšín

Miriam Šulíková

Sales of building materials - polystyrene, perlinka, plasterboard systems, ceiling systems, dry mixes, lepody, chemicals, tools ,....

Frýdecká 832/19, Český Těšín

Jednota - Jedność, spotřební družstvo

Sales of building materials.

Nová Tovární 85, Český Těšín


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