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Prodej nástěnných hodin s dekory

Na Pěšině 46/4, Havířov - Dolní Datyně

Jiří Pokorný - Alkohol Orlová

17.listopadu 440, Orlová - Lutyně

Nábytek ALDO

Online store offers household furniture, garden, office, sectional, luxurious, massive and accessory furniture. We offer furniture for bedroom, living room, chi...

Slezská 1135, Český Těšín

Pila Čajka

We offer construction lumber, planing and milling, flooring - exterior, interior and floor, bars - interior, exterior and floor, transporting - AVIA lorry, tipper LIAZ, LIAZ with a hydraulic arm, professional impregraci QB Bochemit impregrační in the bath to a length of 10 m.

Slezská 1266, Orlová-Poruba

Partner 4 Office - Partner Czech s.r.o.

E-commerce and sale of paper, office and school supplies. Range of supplied products are wholesale office supplies, paper, notebooks, office furniture, catering for offices, cleaners, ribbons, toners and cartridges.

Lípová 1986, Český Těšín

Daniela prádlo

The Czech company, which manufactures and sells women's underwear with a wide range and great variety of colors. Bras, panties, thong, suspenders, erotic lingerie. We sew the custom and custom. We also oversized.

Viaduktová 1964, Český Těšín


Sales of protective equipment - clothing, shoes, gloves, head protection, eye, ear and respiratory system, helmets, shields, glasses, cleaning pastes and creams in hand, the security table. Sell via an e-commerce, wholesale, retail. Indemnification ZPS.

Karola Śliwky 783/2, Karviná

Nábytek ALDO

We offer online furniture store housing, garden, office, sectoral, luxurious, massive and complementary.

Slezská 1135, Český Těšín


We offer natural hair care products - shampoos, conditioners, balms and rinse hair mask. Decorative - shadows, lipsticks, powders, ball, body cosmetics - Italian oil capsules. Also nail UV program. Sales through internet.

Horní Těrlicko 802, Těrlicko

CZ PROMECH, s.r.o.

We offer a wide range of chemical raw materials, metal roofing, trapezoidal sheets, gutter systems, roof boxes and polystyrene.

Studentská 1225, Bohumín-Nový Bohumín

MILK - TRADE s.r.o.

We produce dairy products.

Mlýnská 942/13, Český Těšín

EKO - KOTLE a regulace, s.r.o.

Sales and installation of organic solid fuel boilers, pellet and biomass. Wholesale activity.

Na Stavech 881/2, Horní Suchá

Zdeněk Petráš - Fa Acord

Sell supplies for the florist and the florist. Offer ceramic pots and other ceramic products.

Kysucká 1829/14, Český Těšín

SWJ Agency, s.r.o.

We offer systems linkages and protection of documents, sale and manufacture laminators, etc.

Komenského 1597/65, Český Těšín

FAMMILKY, s.r.o.

I produce and wholesale candy, biscuits and sweets.

Nádražní 47/3, Český Těšín

František Trunda

Sell products limited company Pilsner Urquell.

Tovární 1010/99, Český Těšín

Zbigněv Balon - INTEROPTIC

Brand Solano. Offer polarized sunglasses, eyeglass frames with polarized clip frames Cube and Henry Lloyd.

Čapkova 14/14, Český Těšín

Aproxima Czech, spol. s r.o.

Direct delivery of the bottle and glasses zavařeninových with aluminum or plastic closures such as screw-type PP, pusher type guala, twist and Omnia. We also offer PET - preforms, preforms a so-called semi-type PCO, and PCO Corvaglia.

Smetanova 1908/9, Český Těšín

Via Maris, s.r.o.

We offer distribution of frozen and chilled fish products to wholesalers, business networks and velkovýroben.

Nová tovární 2015, Český Těšín

UMPI Plus, s.r.o.

Offer implementation of equipment control and management of public lighting.

Sokola-Tůmy 61/9, Český Těšín

Jaroslav Kaminský, spol. s r.o.

Export and import of agricultural products.

Sídliště ONV 667/10, Český Těšín

Rostislav Kania

We wholesale and retail sale of alcoholic and soft drinks.

Frýdecká 2037/78, Český Těšín

M+Z tisk servis, s.r.o.

We are engaged in the sale and manufacture of printing materials and consumables for printers. Advice for printing. Street

Frýdecká 239, Český Těšín

Robert Przybyla

Sell steel and fasteners, aluminum ladders, grinding and cutting techniques. Implementation of heating, and plumbing work plynařských.

Jablunkovská 853, Český Těšín

Ing.Josef Bydlošek

Offer wood fasteners, anchor for wooden feet, hinges, bolts, brackets, etc.

Divadelní 603/29, Český Těšín

Alman - Ex, s.r.o.

We offer a wide range of solid fuels.

Rychvaldská 229, Bohumín-Záblatí

Trade Media International, s.r.o.

Control Engineering magazine for automation, control and instrumentation.

Mánesova 536/27, Český Těšín

Kot Steel, s.r.o.

Sell sheet steel and metallurgical materials.

Čs. armády 360, Bohumín

Androchema, s.r.o.

We offer a wide range of chemicals, chemical raw materials, dispersions and coagulants.

Čs. armády 360, P.O.Box 69, Bohumín-Pudlov

TEKO, spol. s r.o.

Offer wholesale and retail sale of alcoholic and soft drinks.

nám. Svobody 42, Bohumín-Starý Bohumín

Petr Kozubek

Offer wholesale, offering toiletries, household goods, toys, leather goods and stationery.

Nerudova 1157, Bohumín

Milan Šustek - TEMIDA

Offer wholesale of glass.

Osvoboditelů 1004, Bohumín-Nový Bohumín

Jan Hefner

We purchase, sale and storage of fuels and lubricants. Servicing forklifts, including the teaching of their drivers. Trucking and execution of demolition works.

Šunychelská 1196, Bohumín

Marie Fonšová

We are selling dried vegetables and fruits and vegetable blends, natural spices and spice mixes.

Studentská 855, Bohumín

Malwa - Tea, s.r.o.

We offer a wide range of drinks.

Šunychelská 666, Bohumín-Šunychl

Josef Tvrdý - Dajo - Export - Import

We offer a wide range of fruit and vegetables.

Kostelní 447, Bohumín-Nový Bohumín

Trading Bochemie, s.r.o.

We offer a wide range of chemicals.

Jana Palacha 668, Bohumín-Nový Bohumín

AQM, s.r.o.

We offer a wide assortment of soft drinks.

Čs. armády 133, Bohumín-Nový Bohumín

DAFO - koření, s.r.o.

We offer a wide range of spices, blended spices and dried vegetables

1. máje 305, Bohumín-Skřečoň


We offer a wide range of frozen food.

Čs. armády 360, Bohumín-Pudlov(bývalá Rybena)


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