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L+L servis s.r.o.

jablunkovská 1206, Český těšín


Sales of furniture, manufacturing sofas, specializing in sofas, sofa, bed, couch, cabinets, etc.

Kosmonautů 670, Karviná-Ráj

Prodej nástěnných hodin s dekory

Na Pěšině 46/4, Havířov - Dolní Datyně

Kočárky Gepetto

Sales of strollers, cribs, car seats, chairs, child and infant size in textile 134, shoes for children up to number 35, maternity clothes and needs for the future and nursing mothers.

Nádražní 48/2, Český Těšín

Pěsňa Patrik

Production of all furniture with flat materialu.Kuch, lines, office, living room


Hlimont, s.r.o.

Offer assembly work.

Junácká 1241/1, Havířov

Insgraf s.r.o.

Albrechtická 164, Český Těšín - Stanislavice

Jiří Pokorný - Alkohol Orlová

17.listopadu 440, Orlová - Lutyně

Ing. Jiří Adamík - zahradní architektura

Čsl. armády, 506/8, Karviná - Hranice

1Filter, s.r.o.

Nádražní 42/4 , Český Těšín

Nábytek ALDO

Online store offers household furniture, garden, office, sectional, luxurious, massive and accessory furniture. We offer furniture for bedroom, living room, chi...

Slezská 1135, Český Těšín


Production, let us add and installation of plastic windows and doors 6-chamber system GEALAN and 5-chamber SPECTUS in many colors. Wooden windows and doors. Aluminium windows and glass construction.

Bohumínská 1553, Rychvald

Partner 4 Office - Partner Czech s.r.o.

E-commerce and sale of paper, office and school supplies. Range of supplied products are wholesale office supplies, paper, notebooks, office furniture, catering for offices, cleaners, ribbons, toners and cartridges.

Lípová 1986, Český Těšín

Avalon PRO

Delivery, installation openings FAKRO (lamellated wood, painted, security glazing TERM TERMO PLUS TERMO LUX, vent valve, plating of aluminum - aluminum) doors, attic foil.

Smetanova 1908/9, Český Těšín

Novoferm ČR, s.r.o.

Novoferm company manufactures and supplies worldwide a complete range of panels for building openings. 7abýváme sale hinged and garage doors, steel and timber...

Petrovice u Karviné 570, Petrovice u Karviné


We offer natural hair care products - shampoos, conditioners, balms and rinse hair mask. Decorative - shadows, lipsticks, powders, ball, body cosmetics - Italian oil capsules. Also nail UV program. Sales through internet.

Horní Těrlicko 802, Těrlicko


Sales of protective equipment - clothing, shoes, gloves, head protection, eye, ear and respiratory system, helmets, shields, glasses, cleaning pastes and creams in hand, the security table. Sell via an e-commerce, wholesale, retail. Indemnification ZPS.

Karola Śliwky 783/2, Karviná


web-evolution is a creative web studio that provides comprehensive services in web design and development of Internet applications. We can offer services from w...

Na Františku 1374/1, Horní Suchá

Pila Čajka

We offer construction lumber, planing and milling, flooring - exterior, interior and floor, bars - interior, exterior and floor, transporting - AVIA lorry, tipper LIAZ, LIAZ with a hydraulic arm, professional impregraci QB Bochemit impregrační in the bath to a length of 10 m.

Slezská 1266, Orlová-Poruba

Daniela prádlo

The Czech company, which manufactures and sells women's underwear with a wide range and great variety of colors. Bras, panties, thong, suspenders, erotic lingerie. We sew the custom and custom. We also oversized.

Viaduktová 1964, Český Těšín

SWAT-CZ s.r.o.

We are dedicated to the manufacture and installation of blinds, insect screens for retail and wholesale, montážím garage doors, retractable awnings, exterior shutters, interior roletek etc.

U Bažantnice 1759/17, Karviná

Gascontrol plast, a.s.

Manufacture of plastic pressure pipe systems for gas, sewer and water pipes. Wholesale.

Dělnická 883/46, Havířov

Ján Takáč - TJ Video

F.S.Tůmy 1215, Orlová - Lutyně

Kovona system, a.s.

Large series of custom metal works inc. subcontracting, and finishes. Metal sheets, tubes and profiles on CNC machines, laser cutting of tubes and sheets. Produ...

Průmyslová 2007, Český Těšín

SIS Spektrum, spol. s r.o.

Devices for measuring time of result of sports timekeeping and large-scale LED video screens. Offer displays and custom panels.

Dělnická 883/46, Havířov

Nábytek ALDO

We offer online furniture store housing, garden, office, sectoral, luxurious, massive and complementary.

Slezská 1135, Český Těšín

Síkora interiér

If you decide for our company, have made the first step to your kitchen or living room or office look to your liking.

Ostravská 259, Orlová

Jana Wojtyczka G.M.

The company offers sales, service and rental structure for fast folding tents and stalls.

Ostravská 1819, Petřvald

Camion, spol. s r.o.

Manufacture and repair of tarpaulins including supporting structures and printing on all types of vehicles, trailers and semitrailers. Making banners, employment and trade tents, party tents, awnings, sheds and nafukovadel.

Černá cesta 933/5, Horní Suchá

EKO - KOTLE a regulace, s.r.o.

Sales and installation of organic solid fuel boilers, pellet and biomass. Wholesale activity.

Na Stavech 881/2, Horní Suchá

MILK - TRADE s.r.o.

We produce dairy products.

Mlýnská 942/13, Český Těšín

Jamavama, s.r.o.

Manufacture of tissue and fences

Petrovice u Karviné-Prstná 44,

CZ PROMECH, s.r.o.

We offer a wide range of chemical raw materials, metal roofing, trapezoidal sheets, gutter systems, roof boxes and polystyrene.

Studentská 1225, Bohumín-Nový Bohumín

Edvard Miczka-řezník

Perform the processing and sale of meat products and sausages.

Obecní 478, Albrechtice

Accord Group, spol. s r.o.

Advertising textiles offer gift items.

Čs. armády 360, Bohumín

Marie Fonšová

We are selling dried vegetables and fruits and vegetable blends, natural spices and spice mixes.

Studentská 855, Bohumín

Jan Hefner

We purchase, sale and storage of fuels and lubricants. Servicing forklifts, including the teaching of their drivers. Trucking and execution of demolition works.

Šunychelská 1196, Bohumín

Milan Šustek - TEMIDA

Offer wholesale of glass.

Osvoboditelů 1004, Bohumín-Nový Bohumín

Petr Kozubek

Offer wholesale, offering toiletries, household goods, toys, leather goods and stationery.

Nerudova 1157, Bohumín

Marcela Dendisová

Sell products limited company Pilsner Urquell.

Čs. armády 360, Bohumín


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