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Sales of furniture, manufacturing sofas, specializing in sofas, sofa, bed, couch, cabinets, etc.

Kosmonautů 670, Karviná-Ráj

Čemat trading, spol. s r.o.

We offer facilities for handling and construction equipment, forklifts. Sell tires Solideal and Marangoni, rubber tracks, auxiliary equipment and lift tables Bolzoni-Auramo, Cascade type fork, wheels and pulleys, Rader Vogel seats.

Čs. armády 196, Bohumín

T. B. Company, s.r.o.

Sales, service, rental machines and Caterpillar athlete, handling equipment, high-and low-lift trucks, stackers, lizards. Refurbished and used forklift (CAT, Desta, BLR).

Čs. armády 184, Bohumín


Since 1991, we provide comprehensive security and detective services in the whole country. We install electronic security systems, CCTV systems, PCO, detective work in supermarkets, the transport of cash, cleaning services.

Záchranářů 393, Orlová

Partner 4 Office - Partner Czech s.r.o.

E-commerce and sale of paper, office and school supplies. Range of supplied products are wholesale office supplies, paper, notebooks, office furniture, catering for offices, cleaners, ribbons, toners and cartridges.

Lípová 1986, Český Těšín

Aumus, s.r.o.

Sales of trucks, trolleys and hoists renovated Balkancar, the sale of spare parts and consulting services.

Dělnická 1/114, Horní Suchá

LUMO PLUS s.r.o.

Offer facilities for catering operations, supply of machinery and equipment.

Petrovice u Karviné-Dolní Marklovice 159, Petrovice u Karviné

Univox, spol. s r.o.

KOBRA shredders, laminators IKON, binders and supplies for presentations, technology GRAWERTON sublimation printing, printing machines and engraving machines RILECART. We offer metal ridges on the reel - double helix TWINWIRE.

Kolonie 392/2, Český Těšín

PROMOS ALFA - gastronomické a prádelenské vybavení

Catering equipment and technology for gastronomic restaurant, catering, food factory, pizzerias and other gastro operations. Complete implementation of project planning, realization supplies to operator training and subsequent customer service. Equipment for industrial laundries and gastrobazar.

Dělnická 543/51, Havířov-Prostřední Suchá

HURT - Zdislav Taňcula

Forklifts Balcancar companies, Linde, BT, Clark - provide sales, service, technical control VZV and delivery of spare parts, auxiliary equipment forklift, the forklift licenses. Tyres - TRELLEBORG representation of the CR to all types of forklift.

U Jiřinky 880, Dolní Lutyně


We offer a wide range of machines for material handling. Pallet trucks, rudlíky, lifting platforms, tables and more. All products supplied to provide customer service by our own staff.

Ostravská 544, Petřvald

Aleš Juřica

Sales of equipment for production.

Nad Tratí 258/33, Havířov-

Alena Kramárová

Retail sale of stationery and gift items. Offer monochrome and color copying and ring binding.

Masarykovo nám. 4/3, Karviná

Miroslav Lukosz - Lumir

Offer pumps, leather cuffs, backflow valves, gaskets.

Petrovice u Karviné 259, Petrovice u Karviné

Adam Rykala

Services for fire protection.

Hornická 638/62, Havířov

Marcel Jelínek & syn

Offer butcher and charcuterie needs, choice of detergents and disinfectants.

Fryštátská 902/7, Havířov


Selection of furniture for shops and restaurants.

Kapitána Jasioka 737/40, Havířov

Bohdan Mílek BM - Servis

Sales and service handling.

Pionýrská 1168, Rychvald

Petr Pěgřimek - Miniagroservis

Sales and service of garden, forest and municipal machinery.

Horní Těrlicko 313, Těrlicko

Katim, s.r.o.

The offer of production machinery for mining machinery.

Slovenská 501/26, Karviná

Janites, s.r.o.

Offer equipment and technology for the company.

Hořanská 398/5, Havířov

Lubomír Čeleda - ARCTIS

Supply, cooling and refrigeration service techniques.

Fryštátská 901/5, Havířov

Klimark Czech, s.r.o.

Offer air conditioning.

Rudé armády 651/19a, Karviná

Tomgast Czech republic, s.r.o.

Offer facilities for the facility.

Rudé armády 1868/15, Karviná

Aleš Jirák

Sale, repair and servicing of small, low-lift, pallet trucks.

U Jiřinky 817, Dolní Lutyně

Josef Adamczyk - Royal

Sales, installation and advice on electronic security.

Dětmarovice 883, Dětmarovice

Damek International, s.r.o.

Sales of office supplies and jokes.

tř. Dr. E. Beneše 885, Bohumín

Security elektro, s.r.o.

Offer security systems.

Bezručova 24, Bohumín

Ing. Česlav Filipiak - Daficard

Offer office supplies and equipment.

Horní 1757/10, Český Těšín

CBH, spol. s r.o.

Services for management and automation technology.

Strmá 347, Český Těšín

Bogdan Waclawik

Offer office supplies and equipment.

Nádražní 207/17, Český Těšín

SFM Filtry, s.r.o.

Offer filtering and cleaning techniques.

Nádražní 42/4, Český Těšín

Petr Grendziok

Offer art needs.

Dukelská 303/23, Český Těšín

Ing. František Kowalczyk

Offer office supplies and equipment.

Kysucká 1829/14, Český Těšín

Trimor servis, s.r.o.

Sale of machines for dry cleaning and laundry. Offer chemical products and servicing.

Frýdecká 822/27, Český Těšín

Silva Art, spol. s r.o.

Production of drilling pipes. Supply of mining equipment, brake pads and technical fabric filter. Offer thermal processing and bonding pads.

Nová Tovární 1746, Český Těšín

Ing. Zbyšek Kaleta - Kalia

Sales of office supplies.

Smetanova 1199/20, Český Těšín

Ing. Libor Macháček

We offer agricultural machinery including spare parts. We also provide the service.

Palackého 966, Bohumín

Radek Wantulok

Offer facilities for the facility.

Ostravská 262, Český Těšín

Polský dům - zemědělská technika, s.r.o.

Polish Company House - Agricultural Technology Ltd. represents the Czech market leading Polish manufacturer of agricultural equipment. Machinery brands SIPMA, P...

Rybářská 365, Český Těšín


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